Flag-burning near RNC spurs clashes, arrests

Tensions flare and police move in as protesters and counterprotesters skirmish over a burned flag.

Quoted from Flag-burning near RNC spurs clashes, arrests on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

more like Flag-burning near RNC spurs clashes, arrests One dead as FBI arrests Oregon occupation leader, four others U.S. flag raising in Havana reveals old wounds run deep Cleveland police stop demonstrators trying to start a fire melee is most raucous protest of so far; at least 18 arrested . Jeff Stacklin • July 21, 2016. CLEVELAND — Police here arrested 18 protesters, two of them on felony charges of Tags: flag, burning, melee, most, 17 arrested at flag-burning protest 17 arrested at protest outside . Police Chief Calvin Williams said a protester attempted to set the flag afire, and the flames jumped to the protester’s pant legs and then spread Cleveland police arrest protesters after flag burning outside Politics. Jul 20, 2016 7:20 PM EDT CLEVELAND — Police arrested 17 people Wednesday after a melee broke out during a

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