The incredible technology cartels use to sneak drugs across the border

The US government has been engaged in a war on drugs for years, and while it scored many renowned victories against prominent drug lords, drugs are still entering the country.  As it turns out, the cartels use incredibly advanced gear to ship their product across the border. DON’T MISS: Leaked photos show a real iPhone 7 powered on for the first time Speaking to Interpol senior advisor Marc Goodman, Business Insider has discovered some of the gadgets traffickers use to make sure their cargo can be delivered unhindered by law enforcement anti-drug operations. The cartels use sophisticated technology for transporting the “goods,” but also for other purposes, including communication, surveillance, and defense operations. Communication is key to any successful business, and the cartels know it. The Zeta drug cartel created its encrypted cellular network that uses antennas and repeaters installed all over Mexico. The equipment is hidden in remote locations and is connected to solar power, while radio-receiving cell phones and Nextel devices are used for talking. Who configured it all for the drug lords? Kidnapped engineers, of course. Transporting the drugs also requires efficient use of technology. We’re at the dawn of self-driving vehicles, so Goodman expects smugglers to employ

Quoted from The incredible technology cartels use to sneak drugs across the border on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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