Dangerous wildfires menace L.A. and Big Sur

Out of control blazes threaten more than 2,000 homes while smoke reduces the sun to an orange disk.

Quoted from Dangerous wildfires menace L.A. and Big Sur on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

As I’m writing this Wednesday, June 27, 51 large, active wildfires are burning on more than 450,000 acres in the United States, most of them in western states and Alaska. Fires menace US West, tornado touches Colorado wildfire site Associated Press; Pittsburgh Flooding Causes Power Outage Newsweek; Tornado brings warehouse to the ground, sends people running in Florida Latest environmental news, features updates. Pictures, video more. Tags: environment, news, features, telegraph, Topic: Drought - Water Education Sixteen days into summer, with raging over the bone-dry lscape more scorching hot days ahead, it might feel as if California is on the verge of another drought. Trump’s simultaneously unifying dividing State of the Union address, annotated

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