The Streets of Philadelphia Are Anti-Hillary

PHILADELPHIA––On a sweat-soaked opening day of the Democratic National Convention, with temperatures pushing into the high 90s and strong thunderstorms in the forecast, the relatively powerful mostly spent their days indoors in air-conditioning: a breakfast meeting at the Marriott; a Bernie Sanders speech at the convention center (the hottest ticket in town for connected supporters of the Vermont senator); maybe even an Uber ride across town to the Wells Fargo Center, where Hillary Clinton supporters untroubled by any desire to dispute her imminent nomination stood on the arena floor around noon, holding cell phones aloft as Boyz II Men rehearsed an evening performance (“not too soft and not too strong”).

Quoted from The Streets of Philadelphia Are Anti-Hillary on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

Streets of Rage (kurz SoR, in Japan bekannt als Bare Knuckle) ist eine Serie von Beat-'em-up-Spielen. Alle Teile der Serie wurden von der Firma Sega produziert und erschienen ursprünglich nur für die hauseigenen Spielkonsolen. Schritt 1 Planung und Konzeption. Bei Streetec beginnt jede Fahrwerksentwicklung mit einer klar strukturierten Planung, dessen lage ein detailliertes Lastenheft ist. Wele! This map highlights city that have been repaired since July 1, 2013 (first full fiscal year prehensive street repair data is readily available) and those that currently scheduled for repair. Tags: sdstreets, alpha, diego, streets, plete Streets - Honolulu plete support healthy and sustainable munities through promoting physical activity, reducing vehicle emissions, increasing pedestrian and bicycle safety, and beautifying neighborhoods. Visit our restaurant and bar in Concord, Massachusetts, which serves delicious food and live music in a historical building.

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