Apple’s secretive car project to focus more on autonomous driving software

In an interesting but not altogether surprising turn of events, Apple is reportedly recalibrating the focus and underlying goal of its long-rumored car initiative. According to a new  report from Bloomberg , the primary focus of Apple’s car-oriented R&D will now center on developing advanced software capable of powering self-driving cars of the future. In turn, Apple will divert some attention away from its original goal of developing and manufacturing a branded car of its own. To help push things along, the report adds that Apple recently tapped Dan Dodge to join Project Titan, the not-so-secretive name of the company’s automotive team. While not a household name, Dodge represents an intriguing and exciting hire for Apple. Prior to signing up to work at 1 Infinite Loop, Dodge served as the top dog within BlackBerry’s automotive software division. And before that, Dodge served as both the founder and CEO of  QNX, a company that BlackBerry acquired outright a few years ago. DON’T MISS: Leaked photos of iPhone 7’s headphone adapter emerge Notably, QNX software currently provides the brains behind many of the entertainment and navigation systems used by some of the world’s largest auto manufacturers today, including Ford and Volkswagen. On a related

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