Man pretends to hack Tesla to play Pokemon Go, true nerds disapprove

Hacking the touchscreen in a Tesla to play Pokemon Go would come with some obvious downsides, if you could even get it to work. The Tesla purists would scream bloody murder over desecrating Elon Musk’s design icon, traditional car enthusiasts would continue to believe the Tesla is just a faddish gadget, and the cops would probably want to have a word. Plus, it’s a lot harder to aim a camera that’s attached to a car. So if that’s the downside, why would you possibly go to the effort of making a bad fake of a Tesla Pokemon Go hack? DON’T MISS:  One of Apple’s carrier partners might have just leaked the blue iPhone 7 Yesterday, lifestyle site PinkJava put up a post  in which one of its writers ostensibly used an Ethernet cable and a laptop to hack Pokemon Go onto a Tesla’s built-in console. The post was notably short on details, but it did include one GIF of a Pokemon being captured. Of course, it was all a fake. There’s a decent chance that the console could be hacked to display video-out from an Android phone, and a tiny (tiny!) chance that you could mirror the Tesla’s screen, touch

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