How to add microSD support to your iPhone

At this point it’s a pretty safe bet to say that Apple will never add microSD card support to its iPhone lineup. Okay fine, “never” is a difficult call to make. Suffice it to say that we’re not going to see Apple release an iPhone with expandable memory anytime soon. The company makes way too much money getting people to shell out extra cash for higher capacity devices, and expandable storage like microSD card support would strand that gravy train at the station. Of course, there is a way to add microSD card support to any iPhone or iPad, and it takes about 1 second to do. Best of all, the Lexar microSD To Lightning Reader  you need to make it happen is on sale right now on Amazon for $10 off. We first told you about this awesome little adapter way back in May of this year after it was first released. In a nutshell, it’s a simple microSD card reader with a Lightning connector that you can attach to any iPhone or iPad. Then you install a free companion app from Lexar and you can save your photos, videos and more on any microSD card you want. Here

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