GOP Sen. Susan Collins: No on Trump

The moderate Republican says she has become “increasingly dismayed” by Trump’s behavior.

Quoted from GOP Sen. Susan Collins: No on Trump on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) appears on Meet the Press alongside Chuck Todd, to discuss Syria, the White House's trade threats, and Scott Pruitt's standing with the president, on April 8, 2018. Sen. Murkowski, the only Republican now opposing Kavanaugh’s nomination, votes "present" to help fellow GOP Sen. Daines. Senator Collins has officially put her vote against President 's natial emergency, saying if there is a "clean" bill against it, she will vote. Tags: collins, becomes, first, support, How the senators voted on WASHINGT (AllPolitics, February 12) -- The Senate acquitted President Bill Clint Friday of both articles of impeachment. The perjury charge was defeated with 55 "t guilty" votes and 45 It was back to the drawing board for Republicans and Democrats Thursday, after the Senate killed two peting proposals for ending the government shutdown that has stretched for nearly five weeks.

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