Court approves warrantless searches of cell phones

(Reuters) – Police can search a cell phone for its number without having a warrant, a federal appeals court ruled on Wednesday. Officers in Indiana found a number of cell phones at the scene of a drug bust, and searched each phone for its telephone number. Having the numbers allowed the government to subpoena the owners’ call histories, linking them to the drug-selling scheme. One of the suspects, Abel Flores-Lopez, who was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison, argued on appeal that the police had no right to search the phone’s contents without a warrant. The U.S. …

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On Tuesday, the Fifth Court Circuit of Appeals ruled that law enforcement does not need a warrant to obtain your cell phone location information. Cell phone towers are able to track a mobile user This morning, the US Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, approved the warrantless collection of DNA from those arrested on suspicion of "serious crime." The case is Maryland v. King , and the decision is The US Sixth Circuit Appeals has ruled that the police don't need a warrant to collect phone location data, and that users have no reasonable expectation privacy when traveling with Tags: appeals, court, rules, favor, “Court approves warrantless searches of The acknowledged that the actual risk that one the suspects would have been able to destroy the phone’s contents was minimal in this case. But so was the invasion privacy, limited to US police can search a phone for its number without having a warrant, according to a federal appeals ruling.

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