This has to be the prettiest poster ever designed on an iPad

Since its inception, critics have derisively labeled Apple’s iPad as a device suitable for consumption but not content creation. Early on, such criticisms were arguably well-founded. But over the years, app developers have continued to push the boundaries of what one can accomplish with an iPad. Further, the release of the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil essentially dispelled the tired notion that the iPad is only useful for watching movies and playing games. Today, a wide assortment of media professionals – from musicians to video editors and of course illustrators – use Apple’s iPad to help them create and bring art into the world. Case in point: the poster design for Netflix’s hit-show “Stranger Things” was initially created on an iPad Pro. DON’T MISS: Ultimate Pokemon Go cheat lets you walk anywhere in the game without moving an inch In an interview with Mashable , artist Kyle Lambert explained that the poster art for the nostalgic science fiction show began as sketches on his iPad Pro. Upon starting out, Lambert said that he was given a general sense of the overarching plot, a few still photos and a few rough cuts of some of the earlier episodes. With that information

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