Microsoft’s Surface brutally bullies the iPad Pro in a new commerical

There’s little love lost between the Microsoft Surface and the iPad. Apple’s device is more popular, but the Surface is more powerful and versatile, which Microsoft argues makes it an all-around better device. The debate will never be settled, but Microsoft has taken out an ad to show the iPad Pro who is boss. The format is not new: both devices, side-by-side, with Siri talking to Cortana. The idea is that Siri is putting on a party to celebrate her new keyboard, but Cortana is the rude kid that shows up and craps all over everything. DON’T MISS:  Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review Siri just wants to have fun! It’s true: after far too long, the iPad is grown up, with a proper keyboard accessory. But as everyone noticed when the iPad Pro first launched, it’s a very similar device to the Surface 4, with a fabric keyboard cover, 13-inch screen, and optional stylus. (I refuse to call it a Pencil. Fight me.) https://youtu.be/o_QWuyX8U18   So Microsoft is right to gloat, just a little. It created the whole concept of a tablet that can be used for serious work, iterated it over four years, and finally produced something great. Apple

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