The massive iPhone speed improvement that no one is talking about

Every year we want our pocket computers to be even faster at doing amazing smarter things and be more energy efficient than last year. We look for faster chips, more RAM, more storage, and bigger batteries. Smartphone makers often deliver, making each new smartphone generation quicker and better than the previous one. As consumers, we often focus on processor types, and the amount of memory and storage to determine whether a certain smartphone is going to be good enough. One thing we don’t always acknowledge is the quality of certain components, and we consistently fail to talk about the speed of one critical part of an iPhone or Android device: the speed of its “hard drive.” Having massive amounts of built-in flash memory and expandable storage isn’t enough if it’s not fast. Thankfully, some of the companies developing these storage solutions for iPhone and flagship Android devices are working on faster and more energy efficient storage solutions. Samsung is one of the company to keep an eye on when it comes to mobile storage, as it just announced plans to make its insanely fast smartphone storage solutions even quicker in the coming years, and that might benefit the iPhone as

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