We’re still blasting Tim Cook for no good reason

When Tim Cook assumed the CEO position at Apple five years ago, he was faced with an impossible task: follow in the footsteps of Steve Jobs. Indeed, given Jobs’ remarkable track record within the tech industry, it’s widely accepted as gospel that no one on earth could ever truly replace Jobs. Looking back, Jobs helped spearhead not one, but three technological revolutions, first with the Mac and later on with the iPod and the iPhone. With Tim Cook currently at the helm of Apple, it’s still curiously popular, not to mention intellectually lazy, to reflexively point out that Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. In fact, any time Apple runs into trouble, we’re inundated with pundits and talking-heads who still love pointing out that Tim Cook lacks the vision that Steve Jobs famously boasted in spades. DON’T MISS:  There’s an iOS 10 update coming on September 30th and at least one new feature was revealed The reality of Tim Cook’s tenure at Apple is much more nuanced. Revolutionary devices like the iPhone only come along once every so many decades. Consequently, analysts who are quick to demand similar innovations out of Tim Cook’s Apple demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding

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