How Apple stopped the Siri disaster, and quietly became great at AI

When Siri was originally released on the iPhone 4S back in 2011, the reviews were somewhat lukewarm. On the positive side, having an intelligent assistant baked into a massively popular smartphone was a huge leap forward. On the other hand, Siri didn’t always perform as advertised. Even more problematic was that Siri’s feature set was purposefully stunted by Apple. In fact, the Siri Apple released in 2011 wasn’t even as capable as the Siri app that Siri’s original developers had previously released on the App Store. What’s more, it eventually became apparent that rival AI systems from the likes of Google were far superior than what Apple was bringing to the table. DON’T MISS:  Case maker claims the most intriguing new iPhone 7 feature is actually fake As time marched on, Siri began to slowly but surely improve. Not only did the scope of its functionality expand, but its speech recognition and processing capabilities also got markedly better. A fascinating in-depth piece from Steven Levy, writing for Medium’s Backchannel , details how Apple’s ongoing research into machine learning made all of these improvements possible. What’s more, Apple’s machine learning techniques can now be found across many parts of Apple’s software. With

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