Trump calls Clinton a ‘bigot’ at surreal rally

Donald Trump dramatically escalates his rhetoric against rival Hillary Clinton as he tries to court minority voters.

Quoted from Trump calls Clinton a ‘bigot’ at surreal rally on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Clinton was not the only woman mentioned on Monday night. Trump also said that Caroline Kennedy is too "nice" to be the ambassador to Japan and is no match for their "brutal, brilliant" negotiators. Hillary Clinton says President Trump turned Brett Kavanaugh's ceremonial swearing-in at the White House Monday night into a "political rally." At what the Washington Post refers to "Obm out:" President Brck Obm's hilrious finl White House correspondents' dinner speech - Durtion: 32:37. Globl News 28,081,642 views Tags: bill, clinton, talking, like, Chelsea Clinton calls out Donald Chelse is known for tking kill-them-with-kindness pproch with Twitter trolls. This time, however, the former first dughter isn’t holding bck bout her objections to President Donld took shot t Democrtic presidentil front-runner Hillry t rlly in tlnt on Sturdy, sying she should not be llowed to run for

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