Everything you need to know about Touch Disease, the latest big iPhone flaw

You might’ve heard about Touch Disease , the latest way for your iPhone to go poof. But what exactly is a Touch Disease, and how worried should you be about your beloved smartphone turning into an expensive glass rectangle? DON’T MISS:  Does it even matter that last year’s iPhone 6s is so much faster than the new Galaxy Note 7? What is it? Touch Disease is a name given by electronics repair blog  iFixit   to a peculiar problem affecting some iPhones. Owners will find their devices suddenly stop working properly, the Touch ID sensor refuses to work at all, and grey bars appear along the top of the screen. Apple hasn’t given any definitive information on the problem yet, but it appears to be caused by faulty touch controllers on the logic board. Those controllers are responsible for both the display and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, so it makes sense that a problem with that causes problems with the display and the finger input. Who does it affect? As far as we can tell, mostly iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners. As outspoken independent technician Louis Rossman explains, the problem may be caused by a design flaw in the

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