Massive iPhone 7 leak details enhanced display, improved storage options and much more

With just a few days to go before Apple’s special media event kicks off in San Francisco next week, the mother of all iPhone 7 leaks has landed right in our laps. In a research note published by reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and obtained by MacRumors , Kuo gives us the low-down on everything we can expect to see from Apple’s next-gen iPhone. Over the past few months, we’ve certainly seen no shortage of rumors regarding the iPhone 7, but Kuo’s latest research report provides us with our clearest look yet at what Apple has planned. So without further ado, here’s the most definitive rundown of iPhone 7 details we’ve seen to date. DON’T MISS:  The Google hype machine fails again One of the more interesting aspects of Kuo’s report centers on iPhone storage capacity. While we already suspected that Apple was doing away with the 16GB entry-level model in favor of a 32GB model, Kuo adds that the mid-tier iPhone 7 model will feature 128GB of storage (as opposed to 64) and that the upper-tier iPhone 7 model will feature 256GB of storage. This of course should come as welcome news for iPhone users who, thanks to 4K video,

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In fact, I should say groundbreaking ‘cameras’ because Kuo says the iPhone 7 Pro will use a dual-lens camera system created by LinX, an imaging specialist Apple purchased in 2015. Mehrere unabhängige Werkstätten und Nutzer berichten derzeit über schwere Audio-Probleme bei den Geräten iPhone 7 und iPhone 7 Plus. Die Probleme scheinen dabei insbesondere die Viele Analysten hatten das und Plus schon im Vorfeld als Flop abgestempelt. Der am häufigsten genannte vor dem Event: „keine Innovationen“. Das sehen die Kunden offenbar ers. Tags: iphone, massive, nachfrage, gerte, Massive iPhone 7 leak details Further, the , as previously rud, will feature a static home button (similar to the trackpads on Apple’s MacBook line), water resistance, a 2.4 GHz. A10 processor . Seit November 2016 haben wir das aktuelle Apple Plus in der 128 GB-Variante für 1.009 EUR im Einsatz - und überlegen nun, ob wir ungemein begeistert oder eher enttäuscht-ernüchtert

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