Clinton pressed about emails at NYC forum

The Democratic nominee insists none of the messages she sent or received on her private account were deemed “Top Secret.”

Quoted from Clinton pressed about emails at NYC forum on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is advising fellow Democrats who speak on her behalf to chastise the press for applying a different standard to her if pressed FORT DODGE, Iowa – The curious relationship between Hillary Rodham Clinton, presidential candidate, and Rupert Murdoch, media baron, flashed A number of academics and activists are urging Hillary to call for a recount of the electoral votes in key btleground stes following her failed Tags: clinton, pressed, election, recount, Clinton defends handling of classified Hillary defended her handling of classified informion when asked by a veteran it during NBC’s mander-in-Chief Rep. Jim Jordan confronted Hillary with documents he said showed she knew very quickly th a terror plot, not spontaneous violence tied to a video

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