‘Seismic waves’ around N. Korean nuclear site

South Korean officials say Pyongyang may have detonated its fifth atomic device after monitors detect a 5.0-magnitude quake.

Quoted from ‘Seismic waves’ around N. Korean nuclear site on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Seismic Wave Speed. Seismic waves travel fast, on the order of kilometers per second (km/s). The precise speed that a seismic wave travels depends on several factors, most important is the position of the rock. This creates a "seismic shadow" that you can use to estimate the diameter of the Earth's . This geology science project shows you how. Objective. Estimate the diameter of the Earth's by measuring seismic Seismic activity produces different types of seismic wave, S-waves are slower than P-waves ( 4 to 6 kilometres per second on average), Tags: seismic, waves, seis, mars, How seismic wave and cold Body wave and surface waves are two main types of seismic waves. Body wave can propagate through earth’s inner parts but surface waves can’t. Surface wave is like ripples on water and move along surface Seismic Waves. The second type of deformation, dynamic motions, are essentially sound waves radiated from the earthquake as it ruptures. While most of the plate-tectonic energy driving fault ruptures is taken up by static deformation,

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