These are the iPhone and iPad models that will support tomorrow’s iOS 10 release

After a non-stop rollout of iOS 10 betas, Apple is done playing games and will finally release an official version of iOS 10 to the public sometime tomorrow. Packed with a number of system-wide improvements, tweaks and engaging new features, iOS 10 is certainly an update that will help even older iOS devices feel like new. Aside from the usual collection of speed improvements, iOS 10 is poised to deliver long-overdue overhauls to a number of iOS’ more popular applications, including Apple Music, Apple Maps and Messages. What’s more, iOS 10 finally gives third-party developers the ability to take advantage of Siri, thereby enabling users to use Siri to carry out any number of actions, from ordering an Uber to sending a friend money via Square Cash. DON’T MISS:  Apple did a horrible job of justifying the iPhone 7’s headphone jack removal If you’re at all interested in downloading iOS 10 as soon as it drops – and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be – there are a few things you should know. First, the update  — if history is any indication — will likely go live sometime around noon Eastern Time, give or take two hours. Second, you’ll probably want

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