Why Clinton didn’t reveal health diagnosis

She says she “just didn’t think it was going to be that big a deal” when she first received the pneumonia diagnosis.

Quoted from Why Clinton didn’t reveal health diagnosis on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

In The Washington Post's terrific oral history of the 2016 presidential campaign, there's a quote from Hillary Clinton media consultant Mandy Grunwald that Hillary Clinton Refused To Fire Adviser Burns Strider, Accused of ual Harassment. Here's Why I didn't fire aide accused of ual harassment in 2008: Hillary says she wanted to give staffer 'a second chance' - but would now sack him if Tags: hillary, didnt, fire, aide, Why did Hillary Clinton lose? badly miscalculated the political math. She didn’t pick Sanders as her vice presidential candidate, an idea that’s worked for rivals Her condescending words targeted voters in states that twice voted for Obama, and show she still doesn't understand Americans didn’t vote for her.

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