Why Clinton didn’t reveal health diagnosis

She says she “just didn’t think it was going to be that big a deal” when she first received the pneumonia diagnosis.

Quoted from Why Clinton didn’t reveal health diagnosis on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

And the latest election results show that Trump, not Clinton, owns the plurality of votes in the 13 swings states that ultimately handed him a 306-232 victory in the Electoral College. Why didn't she break ties with him? Is she really strong enough to stand on her own? She's even using Bill Clinton's legacy to argue her case why she should be president. Bill Clinton did He didn’t ignite the Sanders-stoked millennials. In picking Kaine, flunked one of the basics of political math: It’s all about addition. Ignoring the crowd is a game of subtraction. Tags: hillary, clinton, lose, simple, Why didn't Clinton concede in Hillary 's campaign chair told supporters at her campaign headquarters the race was too close to call, but not long after, Donald Trump said called her to concede. the mi Hillary failed to win over black, Hispanic and female voters - the charts that show she lost the presidential election

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