Inside Trump’s last-minute visit to Flint

Most of those gathered outside the city’s water plant rebuked the GOP candidate, but his supporters were a louder bunch.

Quoted from Inside Trump’s last-minute visit to Flint on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

MSNBC's Jacob Soboroff travels 70 feet below San Diego for a look at the cross-border smuggling tunnels Trump's border wall cannot stop. Until November 8, Melania Trump’s marriage provided her with a golden Fifth Avenue fortress, at a price—putting up with her husband’s humiliations and boorishness. From Melania’s ill-fated Why should the U.S. build a better wall on the southern border? It is a thought which threatens the Democratic mindset say some observers, for a very specific reason. Tags: inside, beltway, democrats, fear, WATCH: Inside the Tumultuous Trump-Rosenstein Trump’s Showdown goes on detail how the fallout from the firing would ultimately lead Rosenstein appointing Robert S. Mueller III as special counsel lead the ongoing Russia investigation. Though Ivanka and Melania both hold positions of considerable influence over President Trump, the actions of their offices (in the West and East Wings, respectively) rarely overlap.

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