Can we finally all agree that the Apple Car isn’t happening?

I’ve never been gung-ho on the prospects of an Apple branded car ever hitting the road, at least not within the compressed time frame that many analysts seemed to enthusiastically champion. Over the past few months, the excitement associated with the idea of Apple stepping into the automotive world blinded many to the myriad of complex challenges involved in researching, developing and ultimately bringing a car to market. From a Bloomberg report claiming that Apple wanted to begin car production in 2020 to an even loftier  Wall Street Journal report claiming that Apple set a “target ship date for 2019,” analysts and others within the tech community quickly began to view the idea of an Apple Car not as matter of if  but as a matter of when . To be sure, it was never any secret Apple was heavily researching the prospects of developing an electric car, but Apple often pours R&D dollars into projects that never ultimately get off the ground, with the company’s rumored HDTV being a prime example. DON’T MISS:  This is the jaw-dropping iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus camera review you’ve been waiting for For months, I’ve maintained that Apple developing its own electric car

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