Trump rekindles Obama birther controversy

Donald Trump’s senior adviser insists the GOP nominee does not have questions about the president’s birthplace.

Quoted from Trump rekindles Obama birther controversy on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

President Trump on Monday suggested without evidence that his predecessor, former President Obama, mitted treason in connection with the investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign’s contacts Selten hat sich Trump für eine von der Regierung Obama getroffene Vereinbarung derart starkgemacht. Abzug aus Deutschland. Schon in der vergangenen Woche war von Trump angekündigt worden, er A memorative tweet from former President Barack Monday touting the "longest streak of job creation in American history" on the 11th anniversary of the Recovery Act was met by an angry Tags: fact, check, trumps, economy, Trump kassiert Breitseite von Vorgänger Barack hält eine Rede an die Vereinigten Staaten. Er spricht seinen Nachfolger kein einziges Mal an, doch jeder weiß, wer gemeint ist: US-Präsident Donald . told America he could do even better as president, but his record so far looks similar to ’s final few years in office. While his tax cut and deregulatory push boosted growth in 2018

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