Forget the iPhone 7 Plus, this accessory turns any iPhone into a DSLR

One of Apple’s biggest pitches with the new iPhone 7 Plus is that it can capture photos that are comparable to a DSLR in terms of the “bokeh” background blurring effect you see in pictures taken with a DSLR camera. Of course if you already have an iPhone 6s or even an iPhone 6, $770+ is a whole lot of money to pay for a camera and a speed increase. Instead of paying somewhere near a grand for a new phone with a camera that’s kinda sorta like a DSLR, check out the DxO ONE Miniaturized Pro Quality Camera , which attaches to any iPhone and captures photos that actually are DSLR quality. Some key details: World’s smallest 1″ format sensor camera, under 3″ tall and weighing less than an iPhone. Standalone mode and Framing Assistant allow you to quickly compose and take photos with one hand. Lightning connector directly connects to your iPhone or iPad transforming your device into a beautiful viewfinder whose Retina display provides access to all the controls of a DSLR. Wi-Fi remote control capability using existing network (LAN) or direction connection (Peer-to-Peer). Instantly share your DxO ONE images from your iPhone to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

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