What Apple thinks about Blackberry killing its phone business

Over the past few years, much has been written about BlackBerry’s historic fall from grace. In a turn of events that already has the trappings of a classic Business School 101 case-study, the famed Canadian tech giant once ruled the smartphone market with an iron fist before Apple swooped in out of nowhere and pushed them to the brink of irrelevance. Once it became clear that Apple’s take on the modern-day smartphone was where the entire industry was headed, BlackBerry tried to implement all sorts of gimmicks, strategy re-shifts, and executive shuffling in an effort to stay afloat. Alas, there was nothing that BlackBerry could do to remain relevant in a smartphone market that quickly became a two-horse race between Apple and Android. DON’T MISS:  An Apple employee just leaked details about the iPhone 8 Amid mounting losses, BlackBerry earlier today signaled its intention to stop developing BlackBerry smartphones in-house. Instead, the company will pivot (yet again!) and will now focus its efforts exclusively on security and software while leaving the hardware to third parties. Interestingly enough, Apple now appears to be taking up more and more ground in the enterprise, an area that BlackBerry once dominated. In the wake of

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APPLE News: Hier finden Sie alle APPLE News und Nachrichten zur APPLE Aktie. Apple has spent the last few years insisting that the iPad can replace your puter, and I've never understood how that could possibly be true. William Bruce Rose Jr. — the famed and politically outspoken Guns N’ Roses frontman, known by his stage name, Axl Rose — has strong words for Tags: rose, thinks, apples, common, iPhone X, iPhone 8 UK is asking more in the UK for an i X and giving Br half the US price cut on older models. confirmed it's buying British music recognition startup Shazam, with sources pegging the deal at $400 million. Shazam raised $140 million from

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