Trump goes all-in on Bill Clinton’s past

The GOP presidential candidate dismisses both risk and restraint in deciding to dredge up Bill Clinton’s affairs.

Quoted from Trump goes all-in on Bill Clinton’s past on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Just hours after being sworn into Congress on Thursday, Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib promised to go after President Donald Trump, telling a group of left-wing supporters she would help Democrats “impeach the motherf****r.” On Monday, we learned that the Symbiosis of Stupid between Donald Trump and Fox News may go way deeper than the president repeating whatever he sees on Fox & Friends. Jeff Bezos War Against The Natial Enquirer The publisher of the Natial Enquirer is learning that it may have been a mistake to go to war against Jeff Bezos. Tags: jeff, bezos, goes, against, The Trump White House just This post has been updated. If Thursday morning is any indicati about what the Scaramucci Era will look like, it will make the first six mths of the administrati look tranquil. Republican Dald has w victory in the presidential race, but no e's quite sure what President will actually do in office. The New York businessman-turned-politician said many

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