Report reveals Trump’s 1995 tax records

The document obtained by the New York Times shows the GOP nominee declared a huge loss that may have allowed him to avoid paying taxes for years.

Quoted from Report reveals Trump’s 1995 tax records on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

DONALD TRUMP’s administration is set to take the US to war with Syria, Russia and Iran a shocking new report has revealed, as tensions in the Middle East skyrocket. Mueller report: House Democrats will continue separate investigations into Trump, Russia. Regardless of what the Mueller report reveals, key House mittees led by Democrats vow to continue their Annual U.N. study of people polled in 156 countries suggests that while it can help, money doesn't (always) buy happiness. Tags: rash, report, world, happiness, Trump fumed after Barr revealed A new from Axios that President Donald Trump was initially upset that Attorney General Bob Barr revealed that special counsel Robert Mueller didn’t exonerate him from obstructing The Mueller letter a disturbing truth about America: There is no shared understanding of reality.

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