Why the iPhone 7’s battery life isn’t as bad as it seems

Late last week , UK gadget-testing firm  Which ?  published the results of battery tests that put the iPhone 7 head-to-head against the top three Android phones in the market: the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10, and LG G5. The magazine ran the phones through two different battery rundown tests, comparing life when making phone calls and browsing the internet. To the surprise of some, the iPhone 7 finished dead last in both tests, and in the case of the calling test, wasn’t even in the same league. That goes against the anecdotal experience of reviewers and customers alike, who generally find the iPhone to be right up there in terms of battery life. So what’s going on? DON’T MISS:  iPhone explodes and catches fire in a student’s back pocket The real problem here is that battery testing is an incredibly imperfect science. Actually, to call it a science is unfair, because that implies that there’s rigor and consistency somewhere in the process. Every battery test conducted by a tester is almost always different, but  Which ‘s is particularly skewed. The site says that “for the tests we made a continuous call over 3G for the call time test and access a

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