Internet Archive’s Repository Collects Thousands of Books

As society embraces all forms of digital entertainment, a latter-day Noah is looking the other way. Brewster Kahle, who runs the Internet Archive, a nonprofit, hopes to collect one copy of every book.

Quoted from Internet Archive’s Repository Collects Thousands of Books on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

The Christian Internet Archive (XIA) is dedicated to performing longtime preservation of any specific Christian websites and hereby serves as a prehensive repository of Christian digital content. Jason Scott, right, calls up a vintage Pac-Man game for Mouse Reeve, left, during the Internet Archive’s 20th anniversary celebration. The Archive 11 is a non-prit organisation located in San Francisco, USA. The spear-heading initiative was launched in 1996. By October 2001 its collections prise more than 100 terabyte data. Tags: internet, archive, tuwien, GitHub - internetarchive/bookreader: The Internet Archive BookReader. The Archive BookReader is used to view from the Archive online and can also be used to view other . Archives/ materials Researchers using archived materials need to collect the following basic information in order to cite these sources: 1. Description the item. 2. Title the aggregate items to which it belongs

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