Fact-checking the 2nd presidential debate

The candidates’ claims at Sunday’s showdown in St. Louis didn’t always square with the facts.

Quoted from Fact-checking the 2nd presidential debate on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Fact-checking the second volume of the U.S. National Climate Assessment Posted on December 4, 2018 by Roger Andrews This recently-issued study (the “Assessment”) was seized on by the media as proof of the massive damage Fact checking the second Democratic debate. By Glenn Kessler and. Glenn Kessler. The Fact Checker. Email Bio Follow . Michelle Ye Hee Lee. Michelle Ye Hee Lee. National political enterprise and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump discussed topics including national security, ta, and ir ongoing personal scandals in a contentious town hall Sunday. Tags: fact, checking, second, presidential, Fact-checking the second Clinton-Trump presidential In second , Donald Trump once again relied on many dubious and false claims that have been repeatedly been debunked. His Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, on occasion made Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton square off again. Check here to see who's telling truth.

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