Apple and Samsung’s patent war heads to the Supreme Court tomorrow: What you need to know

When Apple sued Samsung for patent infringement more than five years ago, it kickstarted a wave of contentious litigation that quickly spread across a number of legal jurisdictions across the globe. In the process, a treasure trove of Apple secrets were revealed as Apple spared no expense as it tirelessly fought to hold Samsung accountable for ripping of the look and feel of both the iPhone and the iPad. DON’T MISS:  Does the iPhone 7 have any competition anymore? Ultimately, Apple’s patent battle with Samsung was a successful endeavor, with a jury initially deciding that Samsung owes Apple a little more than a billion. Over the past few years, various updates and rulings have lessened that amount considerably. As it stands today, there’s no question that Samsung will have to open up its wallet and hand over some serious cash to Apple. What remains unknown, however, is just how much Samsung will be on the hook for. Looking to settle things once and for all, Apple and Samsung tomorrow will head to the U.S. Supreme Court where they will both plead their respective cases. Specifically, the two companies will argue just how much out of a $548 million judgement Samsung will

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