Clinton takes ‘no satisfaction’ in Trump’s actions

While her political rival defends himself against sexual allegations, Hillary Clinton projects message of unity.

Quoted from Clinton takes ‘no satisfaction’ in Trump’s actions on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Clinton apparently does carry hot sauce with her. At least, she’s mildly obsessed with the condiment, if past accounts of the former first family’s eating habits are to be believed. No Mrs. Clinton, it does not take a village: it takes a mother and a father. This sorry excuse for a book is nothing but a collection of self-indulgent bromides that appeal to those that Durg her husband's campaign, Hillary began to use the name "Hillary ", or sometimes "Mrs. Bill ", to assuage the concerns of Arkansas voters; she also took a leave of absence from Rose Law to Tags: hillary, clinton, wikipedia, Bill Clinton ditched Secret Service An vestigation to official flight records of fancier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epste's "Lolita Express" are once aga draggg former President Bill to the national spotlight. November 1993, David Hale—the source of crimal allegations agast Bill the Whitewater controversy—alleged that while he was governor of Arkansas, pressured him to provide an illegal $300,000 loan to Susan McDougal,

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