Trump, Clinton trade caustic barbs as roast turns bitter

Donald Trump appeared to lose the crowd at an annual New York charity benefit when he described Hillary Clinton as corrupt.

Quoted from Trump, Clinton trade caustic barbs as roast turns bitter on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

It was also Bill Clinton who lobbied for China’s disastrous entry into the World Trade Organization, and Hillary Clinton who backed that terrible, terrible agreement. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton: The Trade-Policy Paradox by Bill Watson Donald Trump has gotten a great deal of attention this year for his harsh rhetoric about trade and lost jobs. Hillary and Donald Trump debate keeping and creating jobs and the legacy of pt deals. Hillary and Donald Trump face off for the first of three debates. Tags: trump, clinton, debate, their, Trump v Clinton: paring their h gone back and forth on . She previously supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) but h said in her campaign that she doesn't think it's the best deal for America. Donald Trump called Hillary a "bigot," saying she only panders to minorities for their votes, while plans to attack Trump's die "alt-right" supporters in a campaign speech.

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