Voting fraud allegations mar Putin’s presidential win

MOSCOW (Reuters) – A few days before Russia’s presidential election, Sergei Smirnov received a phone call from a man who called himself Mikhail and told him the terms of the deal: you will vote for Vladimir Putin four times and receive 2,000 roubles ($70) in return. The sum was promised to dozens of other young men and women who met on Sunday outside a popular fast food joint on the southwest fringe of Moscow, waiting to be taken to various polling stations in the province that rings the capital. Smirnov, a journalist, said he found the group a few weeks

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Read the latest Anglia stories, Electoral fraud allegations at Peterborough by-election investigated by police on ITV News, videos, stories and all the latest Anglia news Social media has been awash with allegations that the Peterborough by-election was a stitch-up. Now it has been confirmed that Peterborough police are investigating FIVE seperate allegations of voting fraud. Police are now investigating five electoral relating to the recent Peterborough by-election. The number of investigations has risen from two earlier in the week and includes one Tags: five, electoral, fraud, allegations, An Analysis of Voter Fraud An Analysis of Voter in The United States I. VoteR In tHe UnIteD stAtes: An oVeRVIeW Since the 2000 election, a historic effort has been underway in the United States to strengthen Every year we report on the number, type, and oute of these , so that you can understand what’s happened and how cases are resolved. Overview In 2018, there was no evidence of large-scale electoral

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