Yesterday’s massive Internet outage was caused by hijacked DVRs, webcams and more

Hackers yesterday attacked Dyn, a major DNS service, with an absolutely massive DDoS attack that swiftly took a number of popular services, including Twitter, PayPal and Spotify, offline. While DDoS attacks are nothing new in and of themselves, there are two aspects to yesterday’s widespread assault on the Internet that are particularly intriguing. One, the scale and effectiveness of yesterday’s DDoS attack was impressive and brutal. All the more so because just when Dyn had seemingly addressed the issue, the actors behind the attack would launch another deluge of garbage requests. Two, the malware behind yesterday’s DDoS attack was effectively a botnet comprised of millions of Internet connected devices, from DVRs and routers to CCTV cameras. In other words, yesterday’s attack saw our vaunted Internet of Things  turned against us in an unprecedented way. DON’T MISS:  Everything we know about Apple’s exciting next-gen MacBook Pro Security researcher Brian Krebs has been monitoring the situation closely and notes that the attack was orchestrated by the Mirai malware. You might recall that Mirai’s source code was released  just a few weeks ago. Krebs details how Mirai works and why it’s so effective. Mirai scours the Web for IoT devices protected by little more

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