Apple should kill the iPhone’s Lightning port next

Apple is heading towards a bold wireless future where iPhone and Macs share data wirelessly. And their batteries will probably recharge without any wires as well. But the road to that future is paved with adapters and dongles that complicate the entire user experience. Case in point: Out of the box, the iPhone 7 and the brand new MacBook Pro do not work together . DON’T MISS: The iPhone 7 has an exciting new feature that Apple is keeping secret To connect the iPhone 7 to the MacBook Pro you need Lightning to USB-C adapter or a new cable. Either one costs extra. Furthermore, to use the wired iPhone 7 headphones with your brand new Mac, you’ll need to use the Lighting to 3.5mm headphone adapter that comes in the iPhone 7 box. En route to its glorious wireless future, Apple was not able to kill the headphone jack on the MacBook Pro, although this change is likely in the works. Doing it now would mean coming up with a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack connector and a USB-C to Lightning connector, too. That’s to ensure that all types of wired headphones can still work with the MacBook Pro, but this would be hell

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