MH370 analysis: No one at controls during crash

Investigators say a technical report seems to support the theory that the plane dove at high speed into the ocean.

Quoted from MH370 analysis: No one at controls during crash on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Bullet-riddled MH370 debris near Mauritius, claims man; authorities say not possible. An Australian mechanical engineer, Peter McMahon, has claimed that he has discovered the debris of Malaysian Airline plane MH370. The chief investigator added that no group said it hijacked the plane and no ransom demands have been made, which would be up to police to investigate. In my last post, I reviewed Malaysia’s analysis of the debris its investigors have ghered. t included in th study was the flaperon found on Réunion, as it is being held by the French. Tags: mh370s, flaperon, come, jeff, Doomed MH370 Plane Was DOWNED It's been almost five years since Malaysian Airlines flight disappeared over the South China Sea with 239 people on board. Two massive search operions produced results, but aviion experts and prive investigors still Malaysia is open to restarting the hunt for Flight if firms e forward with credible leads and concrete proposals, the transport minister said Sunday, five years on from the plane's

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