Forget market share, Apple’s iPhone is still making the most money by far

Even though Android’s share of the smartphone market recently reached 88% — setting a new record in the process — Apple doesn’t seem to mind too much given that the company still commands the lion’s share of the profits across the entire industry. Per a recent research note from BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long, Apple’s profit-share now checks in at an astounding 103.6%. DON’T MISS:  Kohl’s Black Friday 2016 ad just leaked: Apple Watch deals and more discounted gadgets “Tim Long estimates that Apple accounted for 103.6% of smartphone industry operating profits in the third quarter,” Investor’s Business Daily reports .”Its share is over 100% because other vendors lost money in the business, resulting in Apple having more smartphone profit than the industry netted overall. In the year-earlier period, Apple grabbed 90% of smartphone profits, Long said in a research report Thursday.” While smartphone manufacturers like LG and HTC failed to churn a profit last quarter, Samsung managed to eek by with a 0.9% share of profits across the industry. All in all, it’s another impressive showing from Apple which serves to prove that pure marketshare, in and of itself, is a poor metric for measuring success in the

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