Trump to supporters taunting minorities: ‘Stop it’

The president-elect says he’s “saddened” by reports that incidents of intimidation had spiked since the election.

Quoted from Trump to supporters taunting minorities: ‘Stop it’ on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

A Q&A Subreddit to help improve understanding of the views of Trump Supporters, and the reasons behind those views. Far from being idiots, they are people who would normally be considered functioning and successful. Trump’s supporters are better educated and wealthier than the American average. The recent revelation that the FBI opened up a counterintelligence investigation determine whether was threatening national security by acting as an agent of Russia came as alarming news most Americans, and rightly Tags: trumps, right, supporters, want, Who Are Donald Trump's Supporters? The big, existential question for Republicans right now is: who are Donald ’s ? It matters because this will determine the future, and the future prospects, of the party. They’re not clichés. Who are Donald ’s ? The USA DAY NETWORK interviewed voters in every state find out.

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