Giuliani seen as favorite for secretary of state

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a top adviser to Donald Trump, has no real competition for the job, a source says.

Quoted from Giuliani seen as favorite for secretary of state on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

In politics, as in life, your greatest strength always turns out to be your greatest weakness, and Giuliani’s strength was always his relentlessness. It’s surprising that Rudy Giuliani has been out of the news lately, given that, as recently as November 7, Donald Trump was planning on offering him a cabinet position. A little over a month Rudolph W. w an ardent supporter President Trump during the 2016 campaign, and the mer New York mayor w considered the post attorney general. Tags: trump, hires, giuliani, other, Giuliani says Trump will not It wn't immediately clear if U.S. President Donald Trump endorses the position presented by his lawyer Rudy , who told AP the president won't answer questions about obstruction justice. Not long after Trump attorney Rudy claimed there were never any actual plans the Trump Tower Moscow deal that Trump signed f on, Buzzfeed

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