Apple making a better version of Google Glass isn’t a crazy idea

Ever since Apple released the iPad, many across the tech industry have openly wondered what Apple’s next big tech breakthrough will be. Sure, the company released the Apple Watch in 2014, but that device, thus far, has been more of a niche product than a revolutionary mass market device bringing in boatloads of cash. Yesterday, a curious and new Apple rumor emerged. According to Bloomberg, Apple is seriously exploring the idea of developing a pair of smart glasses that can present users with pertinent information via a connected iPhone. DON’T MISS:  Best Buy Black Friday 2016 ad: iPhone 7, PS4 Pro bundle, TVs, and other huge deals Apple researches new products and technologies all the time, and it’s no secret that many early-stage Apple research projects don’t often result in a shipping product; remember when Apple was supposedly going to release a car by 2019? Nonetheless, I find this particular rumor about Apple smart glasses to be much more plausible than most rumors regarding Apple’s varied R&D initiatives. I’m not necessarily saying that releasing smart glasses is a smart strategic play, but more so that the logistics involved in bringing such a product to market make this specific rumor much more believable than

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