Strapping a huge PC to your back will not fix VR

Gaming PCs don’t belong on your back, but that’s not stopping Zotac from building a wearable, battery-powered gaming rig that hangs from your shoulders. Why? Well, virtual reality, of course! Like it or not, virtual reality is being held back by hardware that simply can’t keep pace with the software it runs. We already have exquisitely detailed, gorgeous virtual worlds on gaming computers, but finding a way to cram them into a pair of goggles has been an absolute nightmare.  DON’T MISS:  ‘No Man’s Sky’ Foundation Update: Base building, new modes and more The PSVR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, as great as they might be, are still bulky, heavy, cumbersome gadgets with long, thick tethers that quickly destroy any feeling of virtual “freedom” whenever you step on, trip over, or accidentally yank on them. If you toss the PC or console out of the equation in favor of a smartphone, you gain a modicum of liberty while sacrificing performance and immersion. Zotac thinks it has a solution to this problem: a battery-powered gaming rig that you wear. It, in theory, frees you from the clutches of long, tangled cables by making the entire PC-driven VR experience a wearable one. The specs of

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