DirecTV Now is off to a really bad start

There’s just something about TV services that get human blood boiling, and it seems DirecTV’s much hyped DirecTV Now cable alternative hasn’t been able to shake that curse. The service’s Twitter account and support forums have been absolutely buried with user complaints ranging from channels not working to customers not being able to even sign in to the service whatsoever. + MUST SEE:  Pokemon Go is finally getting its Nearby tracking feature back It seems there’s a multitude of issues with DirecTV Now, as many of the complaints are substantially different from one another. There are numerous reports that sign-ins are broken — though the company’s Twitter support team suggests “some” of those have been recently fixed — as well as issues with individual channels and programs. One particularly common issue seems to be “Error 60” which boots customers from the sign-in screen because it thinks the user already has too many simultaneous streams open, even if they don’t. There’s also several mentions of an “Error 40” which causes programming to freeze up completely with no further explanation or steps to correct the issue. The sub forum for “Stream Troubleshooting” has more active posts than almost any other section of the

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