No one is going to use Microsoft’s answer to the Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo, a $200 device that sits on your kitchen counter and silently judges everything you say, has been a surprise hit with consumers. Google has rushed its own version to market , Apple is said to be working on something similar, and now it looks like Microsoft is going to half-heartedly join the fray. According to  Windows Central , Microsoft is working on an update that will give any Windows PC the always-listening, schedule planning, home-controlling capabilities of Echo and Alexa. It sounds like a nice idea on paper, but in the real world, I guarantee it will suck. DON’T MISS:  Galaxy Note 7 fires were caused by over-ambitious design, engineers find As  Windows Central  explains , “Home Hub is a Windows 10 feature designed to make your PC the center of your home, by making shared PCs more communal and bringing the connected home to Windows.” In real speak, that means Home Hub is a slew of software updates that will add a “Welcome Screen” to Windows that acts like a “virtual fridge door,” showing to-do lists, calendar events and sticky notes. Cortana will always be listening to respond to commands, and she’ll also get the ability

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