Trump’s prized D.C. hotel is causing a stir

Experts worry that foreign governments and special interest groups will book rooms there to curry favor with Donald Trump.

Quoted from Trump’s prized D.C. hotel is causing a stir on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Our country is making unprecedented progress thanks to the fact that we finally have a president who is keeping his promises and putting America first. Donald Trump spaltet die US-Amerikaner wie kaum ein anderer. Am 8. November 2016 gewinnt der Immobilienunternehmer vor seiner demokratischen Konkurrentin Hillary Clinton die Wahl zum 45 Donld Trump t der 45. Pr¨sident der Vereinigten Stten und Nchfolger von Brk Obm. Er wurde m 14. Juni 146 in New York City, US geboren. Tags: donald, trump, news, aktuelle, Donald Trump - Wikipedia Donld John Trump (born June 14, 1946) the 45th nd current president of the United Sttes. Before entering politics, he ws businessmn nd televion personlity. The ltest news, opinion nd nlys on Donld Trump, the 45th president of the United Sttes.

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