The Bluetooth in next year’s smartphones will be miles better

Bluetooth started life as a way for travelling salesmen to make calls while driving. Since then, the only wireless standard named after a Scandinavian king has slid into every gadget on the market as the cheapest, lowest-powered method of wireless communications. Today, Bluetooth’s governing body is making the latest chapter official . Bluetooth 5 will be in the smartphones and smartwatches that you buy next year, and it’s going to be tremendous. DON’T MISS:  Amazon should have the NES Classic Edition in stock soon Bluetooth 5 promises simple but massive performance improvements over Bluetooth 4. Range is four times better, speed is twice as good, and the amount of data that can be transmitted in a message is also increasing significantly. The range and speed improvements are the biggest deals here, by far. Bluetooth is mostly used in low-power, low-cost applications like a smartwatch or connected-home device. The alternative is Wi-Fi, which has much better range, speed and bandwidth than Bluetooth 4, but is more expensive, complicated and uses far more power. What Bluetooth 5 is promising is the holy grail for a lot of devices: instant communication over a long enough range to cover a decent-sized house, without sucking

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