The Bluetooth in next year’s smartphones will be miles better

Bluetooth started life as a way for travelling salesmen to make calls while driving. Since then, the only wireless standard named after a Scandinavian king has slid into every gadget on the market as the cheapest, lowest-powered method of wireless communications. Today, Bluetooth’s governing body is making the latest chapter official . Bluetooth 5 will be in the smartphones and smartwatches that you buy next year, and it’s going to be tremendous. DON’T MISS:  Amazon should have the NES Classic Edition in stock soon Bluetooth 5 promises simple but massive performance improvements over Bluetooth 4. Range is four times better, speed is twice as good, and the amount of data that can be transmitted in a message is also increasing significantly. The range and speed improvements are the biggest deals here, by far. Bluetooth is mostly used in low-power, low-cost applications like a smartwatch or connected-home device. The alternative is Wi-Fi, which has much better range, speed and bandwidth than Bluetooth 4, but is more expensive, complicated and uses far more power. What Bluetooth 5 is promising is the holy grail for a lot of devices: instant communication over a long enough range to cover a decent-sized house, without sucking

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Technischer Hinter. Geräte nach den Standards der Bluetooth SIG senden als Short Range Devices (SRD) in einem lizenzfreien ISM-Band (Industrial, Scientific and Medical Band) zwischen 2,402 GHz und 2,480 GHz. Bluetooth makes connecting a Windows PC to all kinds of accessories fast an easy, with just a few quick steps needed to start mousing, typing, and listening. Here is how to turn on Bluetooth in To do this, your PC need to have . Some PCs, such as laptops and tablets, have built . If your PC doesn’t, you can plug a USB adapter to USB Tags: connect, bluetooth, device, windows, 5 Ways to Use Bluetooth Virtually every phone sold today es with a built- radio, and an ever-creasg percentage of OEM telematics and fotament systems, aftermarket head units, and add-on devices also make use of protocol, leavg us Geht es um ee drahtlose Verbdung auf kurze Entfernung, ist der Standard der Wahl. Sie fden die Funktechnik PCs, Notebooks und Tablets genauso wie Lautsprechern, Kopfhörern

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