There’s an easy way to make your iPhone photos look so much better

Apple made a big deal out of the new cameras on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and for good reason. They’re some of the best cameras ever put on a phone, as you’d expect, and in the right hands (with the right lighting!) they produce DSLR-level results. But along with the new camera hardware, Apple also made a bunch of changes to the software in iOS 10, and you don’t need a brand-new iPhone to make use of the best change. Most photographers are evangelical about shooting in a RAW format. In case you’re unfamiliar with the details of image compression, here’s a primer: JPG and PNG, the most common image formats on the web, are compressed formats. Rather than taking the data from your camera sensor and turning it straight into 1s and 0s, it goes through an algorithm first that takes out details that your eye won’t see. For the most part, it’s a fantastic invention. Image compression shrinks digital image files down to a workable size. But it also kills data from the photograph that might be useful later, if you want to edit your images. That’s where RAW comes in. RAW formats are exactly what

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