The facsinating story behind Apple’s iconic ‘Get a Mac’ ad campaign

From the very first Mac ad that aired during the 1984 Super Bowl to the memorable “Think Different” ads featuring notable historical figures, Apple has long been a company revered for its advertising efforts. By the early-to-mid 2000s, Apple took its advertising game to the next level, delivering two iconic ad campaigns that will undoubtedly have a permanent place in the pantheon of great advertisements. In 2004, just as the iPod was starting to pick up momentum in the marketplace, Apple began rolling out memorable iPod ads featuring dancing silhouettes. Two years later, Apple released its first “Get a Mac” ad, arguably the company’s most successful and impactful series of ads to date. With the 10th anniversary of the first “Get a Mac” ad upon us, Campaign US decided to bring together and interview  some of the creative talent that helped bring those memorable commercials starring Justin Long (as the Mac) and John Hodgman (as the PC) to life. As to the origins of the campaign, Steve Jobs wanted a shiny new ad campaign to align with Apple’s recent switch over to Intel-based processors. The Mac was once again a force to be reckoned with and he wanted the whole world to know

Quoted from The facsinating story behind Apple’s iconic ‘Get a Mac’ ad campaign on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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