Using a hoverboard as a snowplow might be the only reason to own one

Now that the whole ” hoverboard ” craze has finally died out — thanks in no small part to the habit the cheaply-made rideable gadgets have of bursting into flames — we can sit back and appreciate the very small number of situations in which they are actually useful. This hoverboard owner from Wisconsin has discovered that , with a talented pilot on board, the two-wheeled contraptions make a fine snowplow substitute. With a shovel and plenty of warm winter gear equipped, this hoverboard rider shows that high-speed shoveling might be one of the best uses for the device. He quickly speeds up and down a driveway, angling his shovel to push the snow out of the way, much like a vehicle-based plow clears a roadway. It seems to work fairly well, though it’s very clear that the rider has done this before, and you can imagine a beginning would probably end up flat on their back with a broken tailbone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfpDDqyJnSk The key to making this whole thing work is that the snow itself is the light, dry, fluffy kind, rather than the thick, “packing” kind of snow you get after it’s been sitting in the sun for a few

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Hoverboards are probably one of the most controversial gadgets in the past few years. The public has had seriously mi feelings about them, and while some people praised them as eco-friendly alternatives and a safe You can use and ride your hoverboard without it, but the little gadget can definitely add more fun and convenience for controlling the scooter. For 90% of the hoverboards in market now, remote key is In this dvnced technologicl er where our dily living costs re stedily incresing, some of ltest technology bsed devices cn help us reduce those expenses. Hoverbords re gret exmple of such technology. Tags: benefits, using, hoverboards, swegwayfun, What is a Hoverboard Exactly? chrging cord tht is unuthorized or hoverbord when it shouldn't used, such s when it is rining hevily outdoors, cn put it t risk for fire. refore, you should modern vtr of hoverbord is self-blncing bord with pltform tht gives you senstion of flight. Hoverbords hve n verge speed of 10 mph. Once fully chrged, y cn trvel

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